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Graffiti Project Sketch

This is the background I will use. My graffito title will be “save arts”, to call attention to arts vandalism problem. My idea would be making the lady talk as in a comic “save me”. And draw a doctor to … Continue reading

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Graffiti activity and Architecture

The original picture was taken outside the Kranner art museum. We imagine that the green stain like the melting of the statue. The big statue is like an unknown species and the small statue is like the kid cuddling the big … Continue reading

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Q1: As a student from natural science and engineering discipline, I feel that the Drucker, the author of “Language in the Landscape.”, makes many claims that are exaggerated. For example, the author states that “FIRE PROOF” reminds people that the management of the … Continue reading

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The goal of this comic is to illustrate how McCloud’s theory on space of visual arts works. In the triangle, the three dimensions are reality, language and picture plane. While it is obvious that the green snake is reality, the … Continue reading

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Map Project draft

Title: Across Shenzhen River Abstract: This project shows the comparison between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, which are separated by the natural border, Shenzhen River, for the past 30 years. Shenzhen is a epitome of the development of China since the later 1970s. Shenzhen … Continue reading

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Typography Activity

We have designed 5 logos for magazines named “fans”. Our magazines are for manga fans, kids, entertainment lovers, horrible movie fans and scientific fiction fans. Take a guess of what each logo is for. Do you think this logo is very cute? … Continue reading

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1. The author discusses several designs of texts including typefaces, overall shape of type and colors. Do you think their effects are general, i.e., they have the same effect on all people regardless of their education, cultural backgrounds and ethical … Continue reading

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