Map Project draft

Title: Across Shenzhen River

Abstract: This project shows the comparison between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, which are separated by the natural border, Shenzhen River, for the past 30 years. Shenzhen is a epitome of the development of China since the later 1970s. Shenzhen used to be a fishing village before 1978 while Hong Kong, as the colony of the Great Britain, was becoming a metropolitan city at the time. The two cities are like two worlds, which is similar to the relationship between China and the outside world. Since 1978, when the Chinese economic reform occurred, Shenzhen has been selected as the special economic zone, which is characterized by market liberalization. Shenzhen is developing with a high speed and now is also a metropolitan city, where one of the two stock exchanges in mainland China locates. Now Shenzhen and Hong Kong are like sister cities that are united, especially after the establishment of Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between mainland China and Hong Kong. People commutes between the two cities frequently. In the meantime, China and its outside world are also becoming united.

figure-shenzhenThis map shows where Shenzhen locates in China.

Shenzhen_114.09549E_22.54895NThis map shows the border (marked red) between Shenzhen (on the north of the border) and Hong Kong (on the south of the border).

Old lo-wu borderThis is the picture of Lo Wu crossing which is the major land connection between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In Mao’s era, China is almost isolated from outside world and Lo Wu crossing is one of the few connections to outside world.


The above two pictures show Shenzhen in later 1970s and early 1980s.


This picture shows Hong Kong in 1978.


This is the picture of present Shenzhen River. While the land is unused in Hong Kong side, the buildings have extended to the river on Shenzhen side. This can also be found in the second satellite view map.

new lo wu

This is the new Lo Wu crossing. There are on average 240,000 people getting into and out of China from this crossing every day, nearly 60% of all the boarding people from and to China.shenzhen-nightview2 shenzhen-nightviewThe above two pictures show the night view of today’s Shenzhen.
Hong Kong-nigitview

This is the night view of today’s Hong Kong.

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  1. cavalla1 says:

    Nice work on this draft, Zi. This is the kind of detail I am looking for–it will help you get the best feedback from your classmates!

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