The goal of this comic is to illustrate how McCloud’s theory on space of visual arts works. In the triangle, the three dimensions are reality, language and picture plane. While it is obvious that the green snake is reality, the remaining drawings belongs to the dimension of picture plane. Language is used here to express the idea of each character. It is interesting that a curve with a dot can be viewed as a snake in cartoon and some closed shape with several circles inside are regarded as a face. Lots of details are removed from the figures to achieve this abstraction and generality. On the other hand, it is this abstraction and generality that allows involvement of the viewers into the comic. The three dimensions as a whole serve the communication between the comic and the viewers. The drawing captures the main feature and is able to express the emotions.

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3 Responses to Comic

  1. Grace Kenney says:

    Zi, I thought you did a great job here in making your own reinterpretation of the abstract content of the McLoud reading. It is really interesting to note how a squiggly line and a dot say to many people ‘snake!’ and a closed line with circles in it says ‘face!’ I think you did a great job of using the three dimensions of comics to convey a complete idea. I think your comic also challenges the viewer to deeply consider how they perceive certain imagery, so it isn’t just a funny comic, but it has some depth of content that speaks to more than just the surface level.

    Well done!

  2. Misaki says:

    I like how your comic highlights the involvement of the reader of the comic. In the reading, the author mentions the importance that lies on the participation of the comic book reader, and I like how you the “snake” to illustrate the difference in the way the reader sees the message.

    P.s. Have you ever read the book, the Little Prince ? Your comic reminds me of this! :

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