Q1: As a student from natural science and engineering discipline, I feel that the Drucker, the author of “Language in the Landscape.”, makes many claims that are exaggerated. For example, the author states that “FIRE PROOF” reminds people that the management of the building is responsible. What do you think? From my perspective, we need at least some statistics or psychological studies to justify these claims.

Q2: The author gives an example that “NO DELAY CLEANERS” simply describes the operation and “NO D-LAY KLEENERS” calls attention to itself. Which one do you believe is better for an advertisement?

Q3: Just a small question. How are the streets named in the country? I saw Harvard St., Columbia St., Stanford Dr., Princeton Dr. in C-U area before. Why some streets are named by these schools? In China, there are streets named with schools. But the streets are in the nearby district of the school. For example, in China, the Princeton Dr. is probably a street near Princeton University.

IMG_0014I took the picture at the northern part of the campus. This white small house is quite obscure and not easy to find. I am not sure why PEPSI puts this graffito here. But it is right at the corner of the parking lot of Niro’s Gyros and the restaurant also uses PEPSI’s logo on the brand. They may have some kind of relationship.


Drucker’s reading focuses on the language part of the graffito and this graffito is very likely to be an advertisement of PEPSI. The five letters are traditional PEPSI writings and nothing special here. I google the relationship between Niro’s Gyros and PEPSI but do not find any useful information. So this graffito might remind people of PEPSI because when people park the vehicles and seek food here, they could see this graffito. Then it evokes their desire for PEPSI. Especially the blue logo looks very fresh and cool.

I think that graffiti are not formal. So the information it conveys should not be formal and grave, like Drucker’s example of “SCOTTISH RITE TEMPLE”. My image of graffiti is that they are mostly humorous and energetic.

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