Graffiti activity and Architecture


The original picture was taken outside the Kranner art museum. We imagine that the green stain like the melting of the statue. The big statue is like an unknown species and the small statue is like the kid cuddling the big one. So we make a graffito to call the attention of animal diversity problem caused by global warming. The fire projector are held by two people, representing that  human beings are damaging the unknown animals by “heating” them with global warming. The fire also causes the statue to melt.

County Market main

The first example is county market on campus. This building is quite spacious and looks like a big box. People come to this place for shopping, mainly foods. The behavior inside this building is picking different products, talking with friends and other common shopping behaviors as everyone knows. In relating to Swanson’s reading, maybe because the building is large, people can behave as they want. In general, this kind of supermarkets are large and clean, like Walmart and Meijer. This place is for shopping, so what we are supposed to do is to shop here, not eating, studying or lying on the ground. I do not know anybody behaving like this and I am not sure what will happen if someone read a book or do programming here. It is quite strange for someone doing such things here. But libraries are also very large. So the interpretation of the space depends on our culture knowledge. When we enter a place full of storage racks and all kinds of products, we know we should shop here, not grab some cookies and eat directly like in a buffet restaurant.

Engineering Lib

This is the engineering library. I come here for quiet studying. This is also a large building. People come to this building for reading, programming, checking out and returning books and other things related to the building. It also looks like a big box, but not so square. This building has different function areas. Some places are for group meeting and discussion. Some places are for quite studying. Some places are for doing programming. So how people behave in the building really depends on which area people they stay in. This large building lies in the middle of engineering campus and it is expected to satisfy the demand of engineering students, like doing projects and finding textbooks. The interpretation of this building also depends on culture background. But specifically, it also depends on personal experience. We may know this is a library. But which part should we go to for our purpose really depends on our personal experience in this building, like where we can find the books we need and where we can find discussion rooms.

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