Barry Hampe’s Video Advice

1. Realize that whet you see is not what you shoot. You need to have a clear mind of what to present and captures it with the camera (50 – 51). However, these ideas should be expressible in videos or not too difficult to be expressed in video (54 – 55).

2. Know that what you record is not the final product. Editing is an important process (53).

3. Always remember that the video part is most important and indispensable. The other components, including the sound, may help understand the video. But they are only auxiliary (52 – 53). Do not depend too much on interview because they are not very reliable (59).

4. You need to know that most ideas should be directly expressible in the visual parts. You may not be able to explain them in other ways (58). The the view of the record, together with the behavior and words, provides all the evidence for the idea to be expressed (56-57, 6o).

5. When editing the recording, try to focus on what you want to express. Erase the irrelevant and uninteresting part, and be cautious that your product may have some bad effects if you are not careful (61-62).

6. Try to make sure that your product achieves what you want. Do not make the narration inconsistent with the visual representation. Also do not make your product be easily misinterpreted (64 – 65).

7. Be honest. Do not omit something on purpose. Unreal images, fiction footage and reenactment are allowed as long as they do not mislead the viewers (65 – 67).

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